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ECTS correction for EBWL

Monday, 25 June 2018

for arrival before 8.2.2018

Dear USW-BW and USW-VWL students in the study plan 17W,

if you took the VO Introduction to Business Administration (abbreviated "EBWL", LV number 333.000) before February 2018 (exam material SS17 or older) and are now in study plan 17W (valid since October 1, 2017), please read this information carefully! All those who took the exam on February 8, 2018 or after are not affected by the following issue.

The VO EBWL still had 3 ECTS in the old curricula (11W), but since 1.10.2017 it had 4 ECTS. Unfortunately, UGO does not automatically upgrade the missing ECTS if you have switched to the new study plan 17W. This means that UGO does not recognize that you have successfully completed the STEOP because 1 ECTS is missing. UGO can therefore refuse to register you for VO exams or immanent LVs.

For the economists, this problem is not quite as serious, because the VO EBWL is not part of the STEOP, but then you will only have 179 ECTS instead of the required 180 ECTS in the system.

After consultation with the URBI dean's office and the UGO team, an automated solution unfortunately cannot be implemented so quickly. Therefore you have to do a recognition by yourself, so that the ECTS will be corrected!

To do so, please click on "Recognitions/Accomplishments" in UGO and select "New Recognition". Please proceed according to the URBI recognition guide (link: static.uni-graz.at/fileadmin/urbi/Formulare/12g_Anleitung_Anerkennungen_UniGrazPruefungen.pdf). Before clicking on "Confirm all positions", first go to "Print application" and check if your input corresponds to the attached screenshot. Only then confirm all positions (no more changes are possible!).

Please send the printed application to the URBI Examination Office (Merangasse 18/EG on the left).

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