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COVID-19-University and College Regulations

Monday, 27 April 2020

Ordinance with special regulations at universities and universities of teacher education

On Wednesday, Federal Minister Faßmann issued an ordinance with special regulations at universities and colleges of education based on COVID-19.

  • In the summer semester 2020, there will be no more free time for teaching events.
  • The grace period for the summer semester 2020 will be extended until 30.06.2020. Until this date, it is possible to register the continuation of studies for the summer semester 2020 (payment of the ÖH fee and, if applicable, tuition fees), to apply for admission to studies in the extension period and to submit applications for leave of absence. Students who complete their studies or a study section by 30.06.2020 do not have to pay tuition fees for the summer semester.
  • The general admission period for the winter semester 2020/21 is extended from 05.09.2020 to 30.09.2020.
  • Students can end a leave of absence for the summer semester 2020 early by 30.06.2020 upon application. Any tuition fees must be paid in this case.
  • If changes are made to the modalities of courses during the semester, students have the right to cancel their registration at a later date without this being counted as the start of an examination.
  • Minimum requirements for electronic examinations are defined.
  • Curricula that expire on 30.09.2020 will be extended until 28.02.2021.
  • In some other areas, the ordinance stipulates that the Rectorate must adopt concrete regulations for implementation. This concerns the bringing forward of courses parallel to StEOP, the creation of an additional leave of absence reason "COVID-19" and special regulations for courses and examinations. I will of course keep you informed about the further steps of implementation.

Issue of final certificates and submission of final theses

Since the option of issuing diplomas electronically with the official signature of the university is now available to everyone, the question arises as to how to ensure that students subsequently hand in the printed copies of their theses. We recommend sending students their officially signed certificates by e-mail as soon as they are ready and informing them as before that the printed copies of their diploma, master's or doctoral thesis must be submitted to the dean's office as soon as possible. It can be assumed that the majority of the students will adhere to the guidelines and submit the thesis later.

University and college regulations

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