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Module 0 - Legal bases & services

Legal bases and services of the University (online)

Students are subject to certain rights and obligations from their first registration for a course of study. This module gives you an overview of the most important regulations. Below you will find links to the relevant legal sources.

a.   University Law
informs the study and examination department of the University of Graz
the University Act

b.   Law on student grants
the law for the promotion of studies
Information on study grants
Study grants and scholarship offices

c.   Student co-determination in the organs of the University
the ÖH at the University of Graz
the Austrian Student Union (ÖH)

d.   Legal basis for the advancement of women
General information on the Advancement of Women
the Federal Equal Treatment Act

e.   Legal protection against discrimination
the Disability Equality Package

f.   Services of the University of Graz
IT Services for Students
the University Library
4students -Studies Info Service
Office for International Relations (Study Abroad)
Unigate - Study format: virtual, multimedia, interactive
writing center



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