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Bachelor Studies

In order to understand the effects of human actions on the environment, the communicative integration of one's own specialist area into others is increasingly required in every occupational field. This is the only way to expand access to environmental systems in such a way that cause-related problem-solving strategies can be developed.

Since the problem area of human beings and the environment is inseparably linked to human actions, both individually and in the social and economic context, a comprehensive scientific and/or technical analysis alone is no longer sufficient. Rather, an interdisciplinary approach is necessary that also takes into account economic, social, legal and philosophical aspects and corresponds to the systemic character of the environment.

The basic idea of the course "Environmental Systems Sciences" is to impart the basics and thinking of some other disciplines in order to establish relationships between them in addition to a well-founded subject-specific education.

It is not only about the analysis of the individual system elements, but also about the study of system dynamics and the networking of these elements with each other. Therefore, system analytical and mathematical methods as well as the use of information technologies are also an essential part of the course. The aim of this course of study is to enable graduates to contribute professional competence on the one hand and the ability to network different fields of knowledge on the other in an interdisciplinary team.

ATTENTION from 2019 there will be an admission procedure for the following specialist areas

  •     ESS Business Management
  •     ESS Geography
  •     ESS Economics

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Mon & Wed 9.00-12.00; Tue & Thu 9.00-12.00, 13.00-15.00
during the LV-free time no consultation hours on Tue and Thu afternoon

Curricula Commission

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